Landscape Irrigation

All of us must do our part, and one of our most precious natural resources is Water. An irrigation system must apply a consistent, even, measurable amount of water to the landscape over a period of time. It is necessary that the system designers consider water cost and conservation, long term durability and maintenance cost, safety issues, aesthetic issues, and site specific requirements. The relative importance of these considerations will vary from project to project and require the attention of a qualified and experienced Irrigation Team. At Hortus LLC we recognize the value of water conservation by adhering to the most modern designing techniques, Systematic installation systems, and use of branded efficient Irrigation products.

High Rise Buildings Irrigation System:

The modern techniques in the vertical greenery and green roof systems demand for the efficient irrigation systems for roof gardens and high rise buildings.Experts at Hortus LLC have specialized training in designing and installation of high rise building irrigation system with watering and fertigation.

Vertical Greenery and Green Roofs:

Vertical greenery represents a new dimension in greenery-related infrastructure, where plants are incorporated within vertical surfaces. Traditionally, vertical greenery commonly involved climbing plants with adventitious, self-clinging roots growing directly on coarse building surfaces, twining plants growing on trellis and pergolas, or plants growing within the crevices of stacked rocks. In recent years, numerous contemporary systems have been developed for the growing of plants on vertical surfaces. Experts at Hortus LLC have complete training and expertise in these most modern gardening infrastructures.

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